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Natal is the capital city of Rio Grande do Norte, a northeastern state in Brazil and was considered the safest capital city in the country in 2008. It was founded on a Christmas Day on December 25th, 1599. During the WW2, the city had an important participation with an airbase to the United States due to its proximity to Africa, wich was a privileged geographical position at the "Corner of the Continent." Today Natal’s greater area population exceeds one million people and for the last decade the city has been in an accelerated pace of growth. It is the nearest Brazilian capital of Europe. Natal became the entry gate to the beautiful beaches of the State of Rio Grande do Norte, many of them still semi-wild while others beaches are the liveliest, like Genipabu with it’s huge Sand Dunes, Pirangi crowded with the summer houses. Natal was one of twelve cities chosen to host the soccer matches of 2014 FIFA World Cup, and for that massive investments are being made in transportation, infrastructure and Telecom, including a new Stadium, Airport and roads.
The city has a typical tropical climate, with average an average between 22 and 30ºC (75/98 ºF) throughout the year. Natal is growing quick, but in a somewhat planned way (compared to other major Brazilian cities); transit flows smoothly, public services are well distributed, enviromental conscience is visible; violence levels are low.